Types of sex dolls

The sex dolls are available in different materials which helps the people to discover a comfortable doll. The material you choose must depend on the requirements like cost, quality, guarantee period, and maintenance. Most types depicted generally are plastic, identical, and unwieldy ones. The plastic dolls made are from Thermoplastic Elastomers which is commonly called as TPE. They are not completely plastic and are mixed with rubber to get a soft texture. But there are several options that can be used like a sex doll. Following are the different types of dolls available to buy sex dolls online

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  • Stuffed sex dolls: The realism in sex dolls can be achieved with the help of stuffed ones. The stuffed dolls bring life to the character which provides great compatibility for the men. There are different styles by which the stuffed sex dolls are available and the most common ones preferred are anime dolls. There are dolls which do not have features like a woman and these dolls are perfectly manufactured with them. This makes them popular and prevalent among sex toys lovers.
  • Silicone sex dolls: These silicone sex dolls are preferred comfortable compared to the plastic ones. The material is soft and feels great to have them. It has a skin feel texture and has a wide range of looks. There are dolls available with certain poses and the customers find them easy to buy sex dolls online. These dolls have skeletons made of metal and removable facial skins which can be mounted again whenever necessary.
  • TPE dolls: The Thermo Plaster Elastomer dolls looks similar to the silicone dolls and are softer compared to them. Though they have similar looks and skeletons which feel heavy to carry, there are some lighter dolls available. When warmed thy look very realistic and helps in achieving a great time.
  • Blow-up dolls: This is the classic form of dolls available for many years. Though they are made of PVC material, important parts like feet, hands, and legs are made of silicone. The blow-up dolls cover only less space and the most inexpensive ones. They help people to have the best comfort and have a great time with pleasure.

These are the different types of sex dolls available and hence now you can easily buy sex dolls online.