Full body massage and tantric massages are quite popular among the people. But, nuru massages seem quite unheard of. So, what is this massage and how does it help? Nuru massage is an erotic massage like tantric massage in the fact that it stimulates the skin- the most sensitive part of the body. These kind of erotic massages concentrate their skill and energy on the erogenous parts of the body. Since every person is different from the other, these erogenous parts vary and stimulation of these parts helps in achieving a sexual pleasure higher than the regular. By the end of the session, you are guaranteed to have experienced in multiple orgasms that puts your brain in a comatose state. After all, orgasms work best to relieve pressure.

Nuru Massage

Nuru massage:

Nuru massage is, to simply put, a massage which involves body sliding. Your body is made to slide on top of another body which will invigorate your nerve endings and helps you achieve pleasure. As is the case in most erotic massages, sexual intercourse is not usually performed. The nuru gel is essential in this process which is made of seaweed. Take the gel, apply on both bodies and start sliding.

It is essential for you to buy the nuru gel as it is the key in unlocking pleasure. To achieve greater heights, you can also shower with your partner beforehand. The best part? It is a completely naked activity that will guarantee maximum pleasure to you and your partner. The mattress, wetting and the surroundings play a major role in achieving this. As the gel is applied from the least sensitive part to the most sensitive part, you can feel your body slowly releasing the tension and stress. Go partake in a Nurumassage to experience this first hand.

Why turn to drugs, alcohol and cigarettes that ruin your life instead of healthy and widely preferred alternative- massages. Massages help in cleansing your mind, body and spirit. The oils and the surroundings aid in helping you achieve complete relaxation. They stimulate nerve endings and help in relieving pressure from knotted muscles that you didn’t know existed. Moreover, the various types of massages available help in ensuring the formation of a deep connection between mind and body. The various massages available are full body massage, tantric massage, nuru massage and many more.